Farmer’s Market

Colorado B2B Farmers Market

The Colorado Business-to-Business Farmers Market will return to Denver in February of 2018. Stay tuned for more details, and send an email to if you’d like to be added to the announcement message.

The Details:

No Panels, No Speakers, Free to Attendees

Food & Beverage Companies will have booths set up displaying their products. 2017 vendors include 30 local farms and ranches, 40 food and beverage producers (coffee, packaged products, bakeries, preserved goods, tea, juice, kombucha), and over 20 of our state’s wineries, breweries and distilleries.

Restaurants and Institutional Buyers will be in attendance. We encourage spending an hour or more meeting the producers of local products and gaining an understanding of the opportunities to bring more local food into your daily or seasonal operations. (And yes, the Colorado beer/wine/spirit industry will be well represented!)

We encourage you to think through what a good supplier/buyer relationship means to you. How many invoices from how many vendors can you support? What volumes and seasonal availability do you need for a viable business relationship? Although we are not anticipating signed contracts or purchase orders, we hope these initial conversations convert to ongoing B2B relationships.

Technical Assistance Providers with information about capital, food safety, supply chain management, etc. will also be on site to help address key questions and obstacles as they arise.


Restaurant/Catering/Food Buyers questions, contact:
Farmers/Rancher questions, contact:
Food & Beverage Producer, contact:
Distributors, contact:


Would you like to donate to the Colorado B2B Farmers Market? Your support ensures our long term vision of creating a sustainable marketplace and shifting to local food. Donate HERE to the Colorado B2B Farmers Market.