ED Talks

For its 2nd Annual EDTalks, EatDenver will bring together hospitality industry leaders to impart a small snippet of their insights and wisdom. Each presenter, an expert in his/her own sphere of the hospitality, food and beverage industry, will take 10 minutes to share the knowledge they have learned over years of experience to help us all become better in our own fields of the hospitality industry.

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Trust: The Currency of Our Generation
Today there are incredible opportunities in the food industry. But why? The answer is trust.  We’ll discuss how farmers, consumers and companies demand and deliver trust in #realfood.
~Kimbal Musk, Chef & Co-Founder
Authentic is the new black.
Restaurants are craving an authentic expression to the dining public.
The public is craving authentic experiences wherever they dine. Let’s talk about the burden of authenticity, the communication challenges which we share, and what happens when they go terribly wrong.
~Rick Griffith, Design Director at MATTER
We’re All Pirates, Now.
In 1588, the Spanish Armada was supposedly too big to fail. Instead, it was sunk by Queen Elizabeth’s pirates: a small fleet of misfits and traders. Today, the post-WWII promise of big food and big solutions is caving beneath the weight of itself. From sea to shining sea, fleets of tattooed pirates aboard food trucks, pop-ups, farmers markets, distillers, and start-up kitchens are flying the flag of the future.
~Richard McCarthy, Executive Director at Slow Food USA
Can There Be Too Many Restaurants?
Denver’s food scene is on fire, drawing national attention. Some of the best talents in the business have had great success adding new restaurants. But there is only a finite number of people and occasions for people to eat out and now consumers have more choices than ever, meaning the big pie just gets cut into smaller and smaller pieces. With everything “new” what happens to the “Tried and True”?  Something’s gotta give. What can you do to maintain your share of the tasty pie?
~Dan Fogarty, Branding + Strategy + Ideas
You Can Do It. And If You Don’t, Someone Else Will
We’re offering hope in a world of dizzying options; we’ll outline why we chose this path, and how we’ve made the entrepreneurial lifestyle work for us.
We’ll discuss how we each got here, what made us want to work for ourselves, and what that reality looks like. Sometimes it’s dreamy, sometimes it’s a grind.
We’ll also break down the actual business of our working together, and how we came to realize the necessary balance between us both in order to make our company thrive.
~Carla Rzeszewski & Richard Betts, Entrepreneurs
Just Say Yes. How feeling uncomfortable and unprepared can lead to success. 
Over the past decade I’ve discovered more personal and professional success through putting myself in uncomfortable situations than by doing anything I’ve been prepared for. Living on the edge of your comfort zone is the only way to expand your horizons. If you are too comfortable, it’s time to rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it.
~Randy Layman, Beverage Director Secret Sauce